GlassPass Fee Policy

Last updated 03.01.2021

It is free to list an item for sale on GlassPass. There are no setup, subscription or monthly fees.

After your Item sells, we deduct a commission fee for each Item sold. The commission fee is 4% percent of each Item’s purchase price before applicable taxes and shipping costs. Payments are made via the payment processor you signed up for during your account setup.

GlassPass collects payment from the Buyer and will deduct the commission fee prior to payout to the Seller. Once the Buyer confirms it has received and accepted the Item (either by affirmatively indicating acceptance through the Service or by failing to notify GlassPass of any issues with the Item within two (2) days of receipt of the Item(s), as determined by the tracking information submitted by the Seller, then GlassPass will credit Seller’s account with an amount equal to the purchase price received from the Buyer (less any applicable taxes), and minus GlassPass’s commission.

If a Buyer requests a permitted return within three (3) calendar days following receipt of Item by Buyer (based upon tracking number), GlassPass will refund payment to Buyer and will not retain the commission fee.

GlassPass pays all credit card processing fees.

Sales tax is automatically calculated, collected, and remitted to the state on your behalf.

If you have any questions, contact us at!